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All Episodes - S01

Scavenger Hunt

21 min



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As Ben prepares to watch the finals of a soccer match, he is taunted by Johnny, who assures him that with Ben's luck something will happen to prevent him from watching the game. No sooner does Ben turn the game on when the broadcast is interrupted by an energy beam that has traced itself across North America. The Four fly into orbit, where Reed scans the energy path. The path forms words that when translated spell out Mine. The Four are then nearly hit by an object plummeting towards New York City, which touches down in the city streets. What lands is an enormous armored being who calls himself Terminus, and announces he has arrived to plunder the planet. He tosses aside an alien he brought with him, who informs the Four that he guided Terminus to Earth in the hope that the Four could defeat him. After their initial attacks fail, Johnny buys time by leading Terminus to various locations in search of promised treasure. As they travel to various locations, Susan and Ben try a series ... Written by A. Nonymous

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Trial by Fire

2016-11-19 07:05:52


2016-11-19 07:05:53


2016-11-19 07:05:53

Hard Knocks

2016-11-19 07:05:54

My Neighbor Was a Skrull

2016-11-19 07:05:55

World's Tiniest Heroes

2016-11-19 07:05:56

Zoned Out

2016-11-19 07:05:56

Imperius Rex

2016-11-19 07:05:57

Puppet Master

2016-11-19 07:05:58


2016-11-19 07:05:58

Bait and Switch

2016-11-19 07:05:59


2016-11-19 07:06:00


2016-11-19 07:06:01

Revenge of the Skrulls

2016-11-19 07:06:01


2016-11-19 07:06:02


2016-11-25 11:55:16

Doomsday Plus One

2016-11-19 07:06:03

The Cure

2016-11-19 07:06:03


2016-11-19 07:06:04

Out of Time

2016-11-19 07:06:05

Atlantis Attacks

2016-11-25 11:55:16

Shell Games

2016-11-19 07:06:05

Contest of Champions

2016-11-19 07:06:07

Doom's Word is Law

2016-11-19 07:06:09

Scavenger Hunt

2016-11-19 07:06:12


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